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The developers for GodsWar Online have released a new helpful guide for those who need a few tips on amping up their Holy Suit set. You can check out some of the details and info required for building your very own Holy Suit and making it it’s as snazzy looking as it is powerful.

According to the press release…
In his developer’s journal a few weeks back, IGG’s Ethan Pan of talked about GodsWar Online’s long-anticipated Holy Suit System. Now that it has arrived, and players have begun exploring the customization options. Here are a couple of tips for first-time Holy Suit forgers.

Now the Holy Suits come in Bronze, Silver and Gold types. So it’s important to know what you’re shooting for. The suits can also be made out of a portion of player XP and in order to do this, the player must use what’s called a Holy Box.

To top off the visual aspect of the Holy Suit, Holy Stones can be used to give the character’s appearance a bit of originality. Using various stones give off different colors which will help the character stand out amongst the newbies.

You can check out the entire Holy Suit guide by visiting the Official GodsWar Online Website. For more gaming news, updates, insight and info, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.