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GolfStar: MMO Golf Game Acquired By Gamigo

The free-to-play market has a new golf simulator added to the buffet, and none other than Gamigo will be the North America publisher behind the new title from Com2Us. GolfStar will be a free-to-play MMOG with leveling, skills and character customization sitting at the heart of the game's design.

Patrick Streppel, member of gamigo's executive board commented in the press release, saying…

"In developing Golfstar, we've paid close attention to feedback from the community. The game has everything a modern golf MMOG needs: superb graphics and realistic gameplay with loads of skills and items as well as tried and tested community features. Golfstar has the stuff to be a huge hit!"

There are a variety skill shots included in the game, so that whether you’re a beginner golfer or an advanced golfer, the game will offer up plenty of activities and content for everyone.

Gamigo is really expanding their portfolio quite nicely, especially with Black Prophecy joining their line-up. You can learn more about GolfStar’s North American debut by visiting the Official Gamigo Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.