Monetization and user acquisition firm W3i released some new stats from companies who had recent titles released on Google Play over the holiday season, and the stats are actually somewhat impressive with one game accruing 4,686 percent increase in daily active users over the course of the holidays.

Companies SkyVu and PlayCoMo are the star players under the spotlight in the new data released regarding the Google Play platform. The stats reflect data captured between December 21st and December 28th, with SkyVu's Battle Bears Royale racking up a 1,899 percent increase in average new users within the time span and PlayCoMo's Little Dragons managing the 4,686 percent increase.

W3i co-founder and senior vice president, Robert Weber, commented about the stats, saying...
“The holidays are traditionally a huge earning period for mobile developers on both iOS and Android, and this can set the tone for the whole next year,”... “We’re seeing here that a feature from Google can bear enormous results for developers over the holidays.”

I suppose this shows that Google Play and Android handsets really do pose a competitive threat in the digital space for Apple and the iOS platform.

The only thing that this data doesn't intersect with is the talk of mobile piracy. Madfinger Games, amongst many others, talked about how they had some impressive daily usage figures but their games were also not posting the profits they expected because many of the users were pirates. According to the mobile game developers, 90% of Android users pirate their games, which could definitely put a damper on the massive spike in DAU and ANU if the products are being used but not being paid for.

You can learn more about W3i and their monetization and market data acquisition methods by visiting their official website.

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