Subscribe To Grab Your Buses: Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Beta Weekend Underway Updates

Avalanche Studios' Just Cause 2 is still trucking forward, still making waves and still making news thanks to the unofficial multiplayer beta mod that makes it easy for owners of Just Cause 2 to boot the game, log-in and start playing with thousands of other players.

The developers in charge of the multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2 have announced that a new multiplayer beta is underway and that gamers looking to get in on the action can do so this weekend.

In addition to announcing that the beta kicks off today, the team also dropped some additional information about new features and updated mechanics, including improved hit detection so you can drop opponents with a well placed headshot like you're dropping a bad habit. This also means that vehicle-to-vehicle combat is also improved and gamers who has a few friends can practice some Mad Max-style road rage now that weapon behavior has been enhanced and improved and accurately reflects the shooting mechanics from the single-player game.

Another addition, fix, neuter(?) that was made was that infinite ammo is out and finite ammo is in. This means that players will have to scavenge for ammo and they won't be able to go around shooting weapons like Chuck Norris rocked the M60 in Braddock 3. Nope, you'll actually have to count your bullets in the multiplayer beta and that means that shootouts and gun battles should take on a much more thrilling flair than in previous multiplayer beta tests.

However, no one cares about better hit detection, latency improvement or better server stability. All of that is trash compared to the one thing that everyone is clamoring to participate in... the one thing that makes or breaks your greatness as a gamer... I'm talking about the coveted participation in the world bus race. Only the greatest of greats can climb into a bus and compete against hundreds of other racers in a deadly cross-island race in the wobbly yet formidable bus. There are some players who go in with rocks and come out with pebbles. Others have never finished the race, while a few who did make it to the finish line have never been the same... sort of like Yoshiaki Kawajiri's The Running Man.

If you have the intestinal fortitude and a heart of steel, perhaps you can win the coveted cross-island bus race. Only the brave need to enter... or if you managed to survive the uphill limo race without rage quitting, you might make a good candidate for buses of apocalyptic destruction.

Already own a copy of Just Cause 2? Good, you're already eligible to play JC2's multiplayer beta because it's free. Just drop by the official website to pick up the plugin.

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