Curious how the leveling system works in Grimlands given that the game doesn't have a traditional leveling curve or the standard-fare unlock system of an MMORPG, the developers at Drago Entertainment spent some time explaining how the game works and what players can expect from the non-linear leveling system.

Grimlands was canned under the original publisher, Gamigo after undergoing two closed beta tests. The game still has a ways to go on the developmental front and Drago is hoping to get the game fully funded via using crowd-sourcing. They're facing an uphill struggle, however, trying to convince gamers that the MMO is worth supporting.

Grimlands could probably best be described as Fallen Earth meets RAGE. In fact, the original promotional trailer showcased a concept along the lines of what many gamers expected from RAGE.

Being able to hop into the game and use high-level gear is a neat alternative to the traditional leveling structures. I'm still curious how the vehicle acquisition function works or do you just craft them?

Anyway, if the game is of interest feel free to learn more or pledge some funds over on the Kickstarter page.

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