In the February 26th patch for Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet plans to implement a new feature called Guild Missions. Guild Missions are a new series of challenges for groups of players to tackle together in pursuit of new rewards.

These missions can be unlocked through the guild tech tree. Missions are designed for a coordinated group. If your guild is really small, you can get assistance from other players in these tasks as well.

There are five different mission types for guilds to pursue. Bounty missions task them with hunting down and capturing criminals. Guild Treks ask you to find several locations in a limited amount of time. Guilds will have to trek through hazardous environments in Rush missions. Guild Puzzles require group coordination and platforming to succeed. The last mission type, the Guild Challenge, is a group task built on top of existing in-game events.

Completing Guild Missions will give rewards to each individual participant. Furthermore, the guild will earn Merits. The Merits are a record of your guild's accomplishments in the Guild panel. Furthermore, they can be used to buy new guild upgrades including lower waypoint costs, increased gold find, combo banners and new missions.

If you're not a Guild Wars 2 player yet, ArenaNet is hoping to lure you in with a discount. The Digital Edition and Digital Deluxe Editions are 30% cheaper on Guild Wars 2's website until February 25th.

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