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The next phase of Scarlet Briar’s master plan is set to unfold, and it’s up to the player to figure out her next move before she has the chance to bring the citizens of Tyria to their knees in the latest expansion to Guild Wars 2, “Edge of the Mists.”

NCSOFT and ArenaNet made the launch of the Edge of the Mists expansion official this week with the usual hefty press release, revealing all sorts of new details about the added single and multiplayer content that lets players battle one another in epic online wars one minute, then track down the evil Briar Rose in the campaign mode the next.

Guild Wars 2 is the ever-evolving massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that lets players jump into the action free of charge. You can explore a massive storyline, join in online battles and take part in all of the standard MMO trappings like questing, looting, paryting up with other players, crafting, etc. With the Edge of the Mists expansion, players will be introduced to a new “overflow map” system for world vs. world battles, as well as the latest chapter in the evolving tale of the evil Briar Rose.

“As players will discover in the Edge of the Mists, no place is safe from the schemes of supervillain Scarlet Briar,” reads the statement from ArenaNet. “The previously undiscovered realm is now overrun by the Aetherblades; dreaded sky pirates of Tyria who are undoubtedly pursuing the deeds of their minion, Scarlet. Tragically, norn warrior Braham, along with asuran child prodigy Taimi; both key characters in Guild Wars 2; have become stranded in the Mists. Players must help them while fending off attacks from the vicious Aetherblades.”

That all probably sounded like a lot of crazy jibba-jabba if you haven’t started up the game yet, but consider it a glimpse into the future if you’re toying around with the idea of jumping in and seeing what all of the fuss is about.

Along with this story expansion, Edge of the Mists also gives players a new way to experience the WvW battle mode, as players compete in a massive PvP war in order to seize new territory, destroy castles, raid supplies and more. Rather than wait for a queue to open up, players can now jump straight into an overflow map that allows them to play in a PvP or PvE environment while tackling various in-game creatures. You’ll be able to keep building your rank and earning loot and achievements while you wait for the next WvW arena to open up, and a brand new UI system will make it easier than ever to pick the best, quickest room for you to jump into.

Briar’s plans were apparently building in the background all last year through the stories of Guild Wars 2 and now her attacks have begun in earnest. If you’re looking to fight back against her growing forces, then be sure to check out the game’s official website, download the client and get to playing.
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