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Guild Wars 2 Infographic Reveals Most Popular Profession

To help shape Guild Wars 2's economy, ArenaNet employed a real-world economist. John Smith, the company's resident economics expert, has prepared an interesting infographic that shows, among other things, that wealth is more fairly distributed in the game than in the United States.

By 2007, 85% of the wealth in the US was controlled by 20% of the population. In GW2's beta, 50% of the playerbase controlled 85% of the wealth. Smith notes that the game's economy is still young, though.

ArenaNet also collected information on the various tradeskills of the game. The Jeweler profession was far and away the most popular in beta, with over 60,000 players choosing it. The least popular was Cook. That might be an indication of how lucrative being a Jeweler is. Smith says that beta weekends encourage players to pick up tradeskills that require more experimentation.

If you're looking to make money on the game's Trading Post, selling crafting materials seems like a smart bet. Crafting materials made up 46% of all purchases. Weapons and armor accounted for 20% and 15%, respectively. When the game launches, players will be trying to level up their character and tradeskills as quickly as possible so I'd imagine these items will remain hot.

For additional insights on the game's economy, click the image below. Guild Wars 2 will launch to the public on August 28th. Early access begins tomorrow for gamers who pre-purchased.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.