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On June 25th, Guild Wars 2's next event "Sky Pirates of Tyria" will commence. This event will come with new content to keep players occupied into July.

During this month's Dragon Bash celebration, a murder occurred in Lion's Arch. Inspector Ellen Kiel has determined that sky-pirates are the culprits. Players will travel to the new story dungeon of Aetherblade Retreat to defeat the pirates. In the process, they can earn a new Monocle as well as a First Mate Horrik pet. The pirates have also hidden caches of loot throughout the game world for players to find.

While the story dungeon and aches will only be available until July 9th, a new jumping puzzle will be permanently added to the game. The Aetherblade "Not So Secret" Jumping Puzzle will take players to an airship hidden inside of a holographic mountain. This content will be available from July 1st onward.

The Sea of Sorrows Scavenger Hunt is another piece of new permanent content. In this scavenger hunt, players will retrace the steps of Lion's Arch founder Cobiah Marriner. They'll have to track down twelve commemorate plaques throughout the Sea of Sorrows. Doing so will earn them five skill points. This scavenger hunt will be available on June 25th, the same day that the GW2 novel Sea of Sorrows starring Marriner will hit stores. That's some sexy cross-promotion, right there.

The patch also brings plenty of changes to the player-versus-player side of the game. >Custom arenas, which allow players to create private matches with individualized settings, are now out of beta after months of testing. The Spectator Mode is out of beta as well. Mortar Mastery, a new World vs. World ability, will allow players to more effectively use these siege weapons in battle.

ArenaNet also claims that Sky Pirates update is the "largest balance patch ever." Players can expect big changes to the traits and skills in the game. You can find out about ArenaNet's general balancing goals for the patch on the official Guild Wars 2 blog.

Gem Store items from the Dragon Bash event are still on sale. However, both the Fireworkers Launch and Rich Dragon Coffers won't be sold after July 8th. The Dragon Bash Mini Pack, containing holographic pets, will be available until July 15th.

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