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Valve has greenlit several more games and software titles to appear on Steam's store once they're ready for distribution. Some of the games available are some really unique games that go over and beyond to push the boundaries of creativity and uniqueness.

The software recently made available via the Greenlight process includes Actual Multiple Monitors, a simple-to-use software suite to make it easy to fill up space and organize the alignment of windows across multiple monitors. FL Studio is a music software production title that allows you to mix, master, record and edit music for big, small and medium projects. Leadwerks 3: Steam Edition is a 3D video game software utility tool to help indie and established game designers alike create, build, script and execute games. Even better yet is that Leadwerks 3 is compatible with the OUYA! So gamers can easily make and port titles to the OUYA using the Leadwerks platform.

As for the games... we've got a nice selection of varied and eclectic titles that range from the standard Minecraft clone to some other titles that go out there a bit further in their conceptual, esoteric nature.

Exato Game Studios popular first-person, competitive build-and-survive game Guncraft has finally been greenlit, following in the footsteps of Reverb Publishing's Edge of Space, which recently became available on Steam's Early Access program.

Other games include In Verbis Virtus, which is a pretty slick title that incorporates speech recognition into the actual core gameplay, allowing players to control the action with their very own voice. Take that Kinect 2.0!

One of my personal favorites – and a game I'm so happy to see get greenlit – is the former-Facebook side-scrolling free-running game, Vector. That's the game that's spotlighted in the video at the top of the article, showcasing some neat platforming, some fast-paced parkour and some very engaging visual themes to keep players entrenched in the very unique platformer.

If you're not into action games or crafting, there's also the murder mystery thriller, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, which is bound to grab some brownie points from gamers tired of shooting, killing, running and jumping away from stuff.

Along the lines of incorporating horror and exploration, Homesick is another one of those games that focuses on players trying to scavenge, explore and survive in a visually stunning environment.

And then there's Super Motherlaod, a sort of Dig Dug type game that's designed as a four-player couch co-op title that sees players digging and mining for goods during a sort of Cold War-era Mars. Yes... a Cold War-era Mars.

You can check out the complete list of software and games that have been greenlit for Steam below, or visit the official page to learn more.

Actual Multiple Monitors
FL Studio
Leadwerks 3: Steam Edition

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
Day One : Garry's Incident
In Verbis Virtus
Super Motherload

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