Gunpoint was an indie game that we heard about quite some time ago when it was in development by a single bloke who wanted to make a side-scrolling stealth espionage title, strangely a sub-genre of the side-scrolling category that we don't see often. Well, Gunpoint is now available for pre-order on Steam's store.

The game is unbelievably slick. I love the retro 16-bit look and the skill system that encourages players to use some serious thought-provoking tactical planning to get in, get out and not get killed in the process. Alternatively, if you like being dead a lot you can play the game like a 2D Call of Duty , but I get the feeling the game may not be very fun that way.

Gamers looking for a true tactical espionage title that may have been burned out on the love-child between Jack Bauer and Michael Bay known as Splinter Cell: Blacklist might find exactly what they're looking for in this high-tech little thriller from the boundary-pushing indie scene.

You can grab a digital copy of Gunpoint right now, complete with challenging gameplay, no ridiculously obtuse tutorials, old-school methods of controlling the main character without using QTEs, and difficult AI that you don't have to pay to go up against because the “Hard” mode is stripped-out DLC. If this true, gamer-friendly experience sounds like something worth your time and money, feel free to learn more or pre-order the game for only $8.99 on the Steam Store page. Gunpoint becomes fully active beginning June 3rd, next week.

As always, though, be careful about buying a game without thorough examination first. Read comments, check out Let's Play videos and scope out the forum. No sense getting burned on something you may not like.

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