Muse Games released a set of new screenshots for their upcoming MMO-redo of the popular browser game, Guns of Icarus. The screenshots show off how players will maneuver through the airship as well as plenty of shooting action.

The game is a mixed hybrid, arcade-shooter meets airship adventure title. Players will grab a few friends and use their steampunk-inspired airships to venture throughout the world, either as pirates, transporters or defenders of the sky. The game has a unique twist on the typical first-person shooter insofar that players will man stations on the airship to fend off the side being attacked, while also having to keep the pressure in tow, repair broken parts and navigate through harsh weather, wastelands and plenty of aerial opposition.

Guns of Icarus is a unique game no doubt, and with the upcoming beta, gamers will soon be able to take a peek at the world that Muse Games has created. You can check out the new screenshots below or sign-up for the newsletter to keep updated on the progress of the game by visiting the Official Website.

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