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It's been years since Valve has said anything of note about Half-Life 2: Episode 3. In spite of their silence, we have an update on the game anyway. A fan site has managed to get ahold of some concept art from the game.

The concept art, revealed by Valve Time, shows Alyx and other characters in a variety of winter wear. There's also a shot of an arctic environment with a crashed helicopter and a massive citadel. The most interesting shot, though, shows a person standing in a trippy environment with floating platforms.

In Episode 3, Gordon Freeman and Alyx searching for the Borealis, a research vessel with experimental technology. The vessel is owned by Aperture Science, the company featured in Portal. The ship disappeared one day and has resurfaced in an arctic environment.

Episode 2 was released back in 2007 and the concept art is from 2008 so who knows what Episode 3 looks like now. Valve could've just decided to expand it into Half-Life 3. We're really in the dark, here. It's nice to see something from the game, though, after all these years.

A few samples of the art are below. For more, head to Valve Time's Facebook page.

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