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Half-Life 2: Episode Three News Coming Soon

Now that Left 4 Dead has a solid release date, it's time everyone starts bugging Valve over Half Life 2: Episode Three so we get it before the universe collapses. Valve, used to being nagged by gamers at this point, is preparing to release news on the latest adventure of Gordon Freeman soon.

In an interview with Kikizo, Valve VP Doug Lombardi admitted that the wait for Episode Three "will be longer than the distance between Half-Life 2 to Episode One, and Episode One to Episode Two." However, he did say that we may hear something about the game "at the very end of the year."

He also admits later in the interview that Valve probably shouldn't have called the Half-Life 2 expansions "episodes" because it makes it sound like the games are going to be released quickly. Well, I'm glad they noticed. Still, taking only two or three years to crank out a Half-Life 2 Episode is pretty quick by Valve standards; after all, this is the company that took ten years to make Team Fortress 2. The rest of the interview is mainly about Left 4 Dead, so check it out if you're interested in reading yet another response to the question "Wait, why isn't it coming to the PS3?"

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