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Thomas Kole recently released a new video of something called Half-Line Miami. The trailer is just over a minute long and features top-down gameplay of Half-Life 2 set within the gameplay universe of Dennaton Games' Hotline Miami. Check out the video of the mash-up in action.

All right, now comes the part where your mind gets blown...

This is a real game.

Thomas Kole is actually working on it and it's going to be a freeware title when it's done.

Over on YouTube Kole wrote in the description...
Half-Line Miami is a videogame mashup between Hotline Miami and Half-Life 2. It'll be available for free somewhere soon, stay tuned.

He even has an IndieDB page for the Half-Life and Hotline Miami mashup.

The project is running on a custom engine, so if you were trying to figure out how it was put together don't bother wasting your time playing the guessing game. Originally I thought it was one of those animated prototypes that just used some borrowed assets from other engines and then had a quick trailer put together to gain some karma from Reddit and some thumbs-up loving from YouTube.

However, I was quite wrong in presumptions about the project because it is real and it is playable.

Another standout is the music from artist SUNG. Hotline Miami made major waves on the gaming scene thanks to its undeniably awesome synthwave soundtrack. Well, SUNG accomplishes the same thing with the awesome score featured in Half-Life Miami. The music in the trailer is just a small taste of what this guy produces. Real name Geoffrey Graven – he has a Soundcloud page with some of the best synthwave and retro-wave songs you'll ever hear. It's right up there with Power Glove, Kavinsky, Pertubator and LazerHawk.

Now let's talk about the gameplay.

Half-Line Miami is nothing particularly new. We've seen a thousand top-down games before but the trick to this title is that it focuses on using Half-Life 2's popular gravity gun to add a bit of originality to the core concept. We see that Gordon is able to knock down and beat the mess out of opponents by picking up objects around the level and blast the crap out of anyone standing in his way. Death comes easy, though, and it's a little more forgiving than Hotline Miami 2 but not by much.

Obviously, the game isn't anywhere near as gory as Dennaton's Russian-themed shooter, but it still offers plenty of guns and explosions. The combos with the box throwing and grenade is quite inventive, I must say.

Basically, if you're looking for a more arcade-oriented version of Half-Life with the gameplay and similar music to Hotline Miami, you'll likely want to keep an eye on Half-Line Miami. Feel free to learn more about Thomas Kole's project by paying a kind visit to his official website.

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