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Halo 4x Mod Video Surfaces For Sins Of A Solar Empire

For those Halo fans out there who read the books and got neck-deep in the lore would know that one of the best parts about Halo is the one thing they never focus on in the game: the space battles. Well, a group of modders have taken it upon themselves to further expand the Halo universe to where I think it actually belongs: the 4x genre. A new livestream video has become available to give gamers a look at a total conversion for a Halo 4x mod called Sins of The Prophets.

Scott Grill from the Examiner managed to catch wind of the livestream, which is great for the broader scope of Halo fans who may have missed it on TwitchTV. The mod is made for the game Sins of a Solar Empire, which is a space strategy game that offers up all the intense diplomatic space battles you could possibly want out of a 4x sim. I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time explaining things because Unikraken, the lead dev for the mod, explains everything you need to know about the mod, which is currently a work-in-progress. Check it out below.

Watch live video from unikraken on

The team did an amazing job on the sound and graphics overhaul. It really amazed me that he said they were able to model a ship in about a day. Either I've been out of the modeling gig far too long and 3D modeling software has gotten a whole lot more user-friendly or these guys work at a lightning fast pace.

Anyway, things seem to be coming along nicely and the Halcyon class looks about pitch perfect to what was featured in the games...heck, the carriers and capital ships look about on par to their counterparts from Bungie/343 as well. Very impressive stuff.

You can learn more about the progress of the and the development by keeping up to date with the team over at their official ModDB page.

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