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343 Industries released a new behind-the-scenes video detailing Halo Anniversary’s multiplayer mode, which is a slightly different take on the original game’s multiplayer given that all the maps have been redone in two different ways.

Now before people start ranting about this game just being another remake take note that the Anniversary Edition of Combat Evolved features many of the same gameplay elements from Halo: Reach, including jetpacks, armor customization and even the beloved Magnum from the original Halo. The firefight mode also sports co-operative marine AI this time around so if you don’t have three friends to fill out the ranks you and a few marines can take the fight to the Covenant.

Halo Anniversary may be a redo of the decade old shooter (and it doesn’t seem like it’s even been a decade) but a lot of gameplay features, map additions, tweaks and visual overhaul could make this the best Halo game yet. Especially considering that the original Halo is probably the only game besides Max Payne where I replayed the single-player campaign at least 20 times over.

You can learn more about Halo Anniversary, which is set for release on November 15th of this year, exclusively for the Xbox 360, by visiting the Official Website