Halo Player Gets Impossible Sniper Kill

Every hardcore FPS player has been on the business end of an absurd shot. Most of the time, you can write it off as pure luck or some kind of mix-up, but victim of this Halo sniper only has one explanation: the universe hates him.

Check it out:

The gunman, a YouTuber named Lawrencce 1, was so proud of this moment that he uploaded the video. It has nearly one-and-a-half million views and more than 640 comments. Right now, the top comment simply asks "do bullets bounce in hallo?"

In Hallo.

If you still don't understand what happened in the video, even though it's a never-ending loop of instant replays, I've created a series of animated gifs. Lets take it by the numbers:

Step 1: Lawrencce is confused, like bird that just crashed into a windowpane.

Halo Sniper Shot

Step 2: Lawrencce pulled the trigger on his gun, even though no enemies are visible and his gun is aimed at the floor.

Halo Sniper Shot

Step 3: The bullet ricocheted around the entire map, killing his enemy in the most annoying way possible.

Halo Sniper Shot

Step 4: Lawrencce uploaded the video to YouTube.

Thankfully, Lawrencce has a sense of humor (he'd have to, right? His YouTube name has too many Cs), so he's not pretending that his shot is impressive, only lucky. Here's the video's description:

Of course the kill was intentional!! I accurately predicted the spawn of the player after I killed him for the first time, knew exactly where he was positioned when he shot at me and therefore deliberately ricocheted the bullet of three surfaces to take him out, it was very simple really!...That was a joke of course, I am well aware that this kill was probably the luckiest I've ever seen on Halo…. I know that I was incredibly fortunate and the only purpose of this video is to entertain, I am not professing to be anything more than a slightly-less-than-averagely skilled Halo player, I play the game for fun and for moments such as this one!

This shot must have been terribly irritating for the victim, but the fact that it's even possible is evidence of Halo's technological mastery. Plus, it reminds players that getting cocky is a bad idea. It only takes one ricocheting bullet to end that impressive killing spree.