Joining just in time to gather some upvotes before Valve approves more games on November 30th, dtp Entertainment's Haunted has joined the line-up. The game is a classic point-and-click adventure title set within a wacky, dark universe. The game looks surprisingly good to be a small title and carries some witty dialog to boot.

The game throws players into the mix with bunch of ghostly outcasts, the game promotes a sort of cooperative, puzzle-solving gameplay paradigm that aims to mix-up some of the typical tropes and standards attached to the adventure, point-and-click genre. Check it out below.

It seems a little odd that dtp Entertainment would have to turn to Greenlight to get a game on Steam, but maybe Greenlight is a more hassle-free process for getting the game approved than the traditional method? Seems like their game would get lost in the shuffle, and boy is there a shuffle to get lost in.

Right now, you can upvote Haunted and if you have point-and-click, adventure gaming friends, you might want to let them know as well if you want to see the game become selected in the next wave of games to get the greenlight come November 30th.

You can learn more about Haunted by paying a visit to the Official Greenlight Page.

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