One of the most intriguing free-to-play games on the horizon is the mech combat game Hawken from new studio Adhesive Games. Adhesive brought the game to PAX Prime this weekend and showed off a new type of mech for players to control.

The heavy mech comes armed with large protective shields. They can enter "turret mode" by bringing down these shields in front of them and then laying down fire at enemies. This makes them nearly invulnerable to frontal attacks, but leaves them wide open to flanking.

While Hawken offers heavier mechs like this, the game emphasizes speed. Adhesive has said on numerous occasions that they want their game to feel a bit like Call of Duty's multiplayer. While you might be running around in an armored vehicle that weighs several tons, your success in combat will depend on your ability to evade enemy fire.

Hawken's beta is scheduled to launch this December on the PC.

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