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Hearthstone will be adding two more playable heroes soon. Each is a legendary character from Warcraft's history.

Medivh, the new Mage hero, was both a hero and villain. He was the last Guardian of Tirisfal, powerful warriors devoted to protecting the world. However, while possessed by a demonlord, he helped open the Dark Portal to Draenor. This allowed the orcs living on that world to invade Azeroth - the war depicted in the first Warcraft game. However, he redeemed himself in Warcraft 3 by helping the world's mortal races team up against the Burning Legion's invasion.

The other new Hero is a Hunter named Alleria Windrunner. She fought alongside the Alliance in repelling the orcs' second invasion in Warcraft 2. Then, along with an expedition of other heroes, she traveled through the Dark Portal to shut it from the other side. Although World of Warcraft players later traveled through the Dark Portal in both the Burning Crusade and Warlords of Draenor expansions, they never found Alleria.

Like the new Warrior hero Magni, Medivh and Alleria don't have new abilities. Instead, they simply have new visuals and sounds. Each new hero costs $9.99 and also comes with a new card back with a similar color scheme:

Medivh and Alleria card backs

These heroes will be added to Hearthstone in a future patch along with the Tavern Brawl mode. Tavern Brawl mode is updated with a new set of custom rules each week. For example, players might be forced to use a specific deck one week while certain minions will be buffed another week. The mode is free and can be accessed by any player with at least one level 20 Hero on their account.

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