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Update: Blizzard has announced they're nerfing Undertaker.

Original article: Hearthstone matches are being dominated by players using the Undertaker card. This week senior game designer Ben Brode discussed the chances of that card getting a nerf in the near future.

The Undertaker, introduced this summer with the Curse of Naxxramas expansion, is only a 1 attack and 2 health minion. However, it gains 1 attack and 1 health whenever you play a minion with a Deathrattle. Decks loaded with cheap Deathrattle minions, like the one seen in this video, can quickly boost Undertaker. Their opponent needs to spend a lot of mana to wipe out the Undertaker, leaving them vulnerable to being overrun by other cheap minions.

In an interview published this week, Ben Brode said that they're unlikely to nerf the Undertaker.

"The Undertaker is one of those cards that feels really powerful when he's hurting you, but if you draw him late in the game he's pretty terrible," Brode told Gamespot. "We were paying attention to how people were using him, and looked at how we were playing against him, but we didn't feel he's nerf-worthy. He is very powerful, but it wasn't past the line for us. I think it's worth noting that Kolento [professional player Alexander Malsh] recently won a pretty large tournament and didn't use Undertaker in any of his decks."

"We would rather not nerf any cards, to be honest. We want players to have the confidence that they can use their ingenuity to overcome any they encounter. Of course, we'll continue to look at it, and will step in if necessary."

Brode clarified these statements a few days later, saying that they haven't made any decisions on Undertaker just yet.

"I wanted to mention that this interview actually took place close to the launch of [Goblins vs. Gnomes] last year," he said on the official Hearthstone forum. "Things have changed a lot in the meta, and we’ve been paying a lot of attention to Undertaker since I gave that interview. I just wanted to make sure you guys know that a lot of careful research goes into this stuff. We’re always keeping an eye on things, and we’ll make changes when they’re necessary."

While Brode says that the development team prefers not to nerf cards, they've done so a few times to maintain game balance. Other popular cards from rush decks like Unleash the Hounds, Leeroy Jenkins and Soulfire were weakened in earlier patches. It's hard to imagine Undertaker avoiding any future changes unless Blizzard plans to add more cards in the near future to counter it.

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