Many Hearthstone players have been experiencing problems while trying to purchase the expansion Curse of Naxxramas or card packs. Blizzard announced this weekend that they have a solution.

The issue was that the players weren't getting what they paid for. Their money was going to Blizzard but the expansion and card packs didn't appeared in player accounts. The company confirmed this bug on September 4th. Shortly afterward, they announced that the bug has been fixed so it won't happen with any future purchases.

On Thursday, Blizzard said announced their solution for the botched transactions: they're issuing refunds to everyone.

"Refunds for real-money purchases will be applied back to the payment method that was used," said community manager Glaxigrav on the forums. "Refunded gold will be placed back on the account. The gold totals won't be seen until the account has logged out and back in."

Hearthstone players began seeing the refunds appear in their accounts throughout Saturday. Blizzard admitted that some players may not have received them, though. If you're still waiting for your refunds, drop a comment on that forum thread. The developers say they're still watching the thread and will add any further issues players are having.

Curse Of Naxxramas is the first single-player expansion pack for Hearthstone. Players will challenge 15 bots with different abilities and decks. In the process, they earn brand-new cards for their collection. The expansion also includes a heroic mode with a higher difficulty and class-specific challenges.

Blizzard released Naxxramas across five weeks. Players could purchase each wing separately or buy the whole expansion all at once. These bundles, along with the gold or money payment options, may have contributed to the bugs players experienced. Providing extra choices also results in more work, though.

The studio plans to release additional single-player expansion packs in the future. Blizzard promised that these add-ons will arrive faster thanks to the Adventure Mode framework they established with Naxxramas. Hopefully they're less prone to bugs, too.

Naxxramas costs $6.99 or 700 gold per wing. You can also spend $24.99 to get the full expansion. If you buy the expansion and need some help on the fights, check out our guide.

Hearthstone's sixth season launched earlier this week. This latest season brings another reward. Any player who hits Rank 20 will receive a pirate-themed card back at the beginning of Season 7.

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