The new online FPS from Acony, Hedone, takes the genre in a slightly different direction by playing up to the very themes of a fictional real-life eSports entertainment network. Hedone is sort of like Unreal Tournament meets Combat Arms. The new trailer for the game gives gamers an overview of how Hedone works and how the fictional world will influence the way you and your teammates play the game.

Hedone is currently in closed beta and if the trailer below is even remotely enticing you might want to head on over to the website to sign-up.

I have to admit, Hedone looks really, really slick. The gameplay looks smooth and solid and the gun mechanics come across as being fluent in their movement but tight on the firing. I haven't had time to check the game out yet but Acony seems to know their stuff and the game definitely looks fun...almost like a cross between Brink and A.V.A.

If you want to play the game all you need is a PC that meets the minimum requirements and a broadband internet connection. You can learn more about the game or start downloading the client by visiting the Official Website.

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