HanbitSoft and T3 Entertainment announced that the long-awaited expansion pack for HellGate will finally become available to gamers the world around on September 22nd. That’s right, you’ll soon be fighting demons and clearing the streets of Tokyo, just like in all those dystopian-based animes.

With the expansion of HellGate: Tokyo comes a plethora of new content as well, including the return of Hell mode, which includes extremely difficult bosses and mobs as well as the chance to nab some legendary loot.

A brand new story-arc also arrives with the new expansion, giving gamers something new to look forward to when it comes to revelations and plots involving brand new characters.

Cow mode, a zombie killing survival mode, will also make a return allowing groups of players to mow down hordes and hordes and hordes of zombie waves. There’s also Base Defense, which is like a Tower Defense mode for HellGate, enabling players to use their wits and skills to not only survive the demon onslaught but to protect their base in the process. The game's unique mix of action-oriented combat meets RPG grinding and looting has really set it apart from most other MMOs out there.

HellGate: Global is currently out and available and is free-to-play for the masses. Even if you’re a little curious about the game it’s at least worth checking out if you didn’t get a chance a few years ago when the game launched and then shortly thereafter shutdown. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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