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Digital collectable card games are a dime a dozen these days, but why pay said dime when you can get Heroes of the Realm for free? OGPlanet has partnered with Bluceansoft Corp. to bring to bring this latest free-to-play CCG to the U.S., which is set to go into open beta starting Dec. 13.

Heroes of the Realm looks to offer a deeper experience than many CCGs on the market, combining the collecting and battling mechanics of the genre with kingdom-building and strategy roleplaying elements unique to this latest offering.

Here’s a little snippet taken from the Heroes of the Realm press release, which challenges the player to build a kingdom and amass an army to save the kingdom of Midland, one of three regions devastated by a 300-year war:

“By collecting Heroes, players will be able to expand upon their kingdom, adding new structures and unlocking new abilities. To rule the land and restore it to its former glory, players must utilize their Heroes, optimize their battle stats and formations, and take on engaging quests and challenges.”

Heroes of the Realm sports more than 350 Heroes to collect and utilize with additional characters planned for upcoming DLC. Along with the single player campaign, player versus player combat will be available, all in a browser-based format that requires no download and costs exactly zero dollars.

The Heroes of the Realm open beta is set to run from Dec. 13-17. For more information and to sign up for an email notification once the beta goes live, visit the game’s official website.