Heroes of the Storm will be adding a lot more characters and features, Blizzard revealed at a BlizzCon 2014 panel. The new additions to the MOBA's roster will include both old and new faces.

The new trailer aired at BlizzCon 2014 confirmed that Thrall and Jaina from the Warcraft series will be joining the fray soon. Jaina is a mage who uses ice magic to punish her foes. She can call down a Blizzard to hurt several enemies at once. Anyone caught inside her frost ring will be frozen in place. Jaina is also able to summon a water elemental to help out.

Blizzard also mentioned at the panel that they'll add fellow Warcraft character Sylvanas in time as well. In Warcraft lore, she's a ranger with power over the undead. While her abilities in Heroes haven't been announced yet, I imagine bow skills and necromancy are both part of her character.

All of the Heroes of the Storm characters announced to date are from the Diablo, Warcraft or Starcraft franchises. That will be changing soon, though. The BlizzCon 2014 trailer gives us our first look at the Lost Vikings, the trio of heroes from the SNES platformer of the same name. Erik, Baleog, and Olaf all count as one hero when you're selecting a character but can be controlled individually on the battlefield. One of their abilities involves riding a longboat that breathes fire.

Blizzard's newly announced game Overwatch will be represented in Heroes, too. They didn't mention which characters from the multiplayer shooter will become playable in Heroes. The gorilla with the laser cannon seems like a safe bet, though.

Heroes of the Storm's cast doesn't necessarily need to be limited to Blizzard's games, either. The development team said at the panel that characters that only appeared in novels from those universe may also be introduced to the game. That could give them an almost limitless supply of heroes.

In the cases where Blizzard can't fit a character in as a hero, they'll be used as skins for other heroes. For example, Warcraft warlock Gul'Dan isn't playable but he inspired an Az'Guldan skin for Azmodan.

The closed alpha test for Heroes of the Storm is still underway. The game will transition to beta on January 13th.

"We’re still sending out new waves of testing invites regularly," Blizzard announced on their website. "Make sure to give yourself the best chance at receiving an invitation by opting in to Heroes of the Storm testing on your Battle.net Account Management's Beta Profile Settings page. Additionally, we recently unleashed two exciting new opportunities to join us in the Nexus through our Bring Your Friends to the Brawl Facebook App, and you can learn more about them here."
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