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Heroes of the Storm's "Eternal Conflict" event is coming to an end in just a few days. The close of these Diablo-themed festivities will mean certain rewards won't be accessible anymore.

Currently, Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls players unlock the Diablo character for Heroes of the Storm when they log in. However, once "Eternal Conflict" is over on September 8th, that freebie will no longer be offered. As long as you remember to log in before the 8th, though, you'll have permanent access to the character.

Treasure Goblins likewise will be leaving on September 8th. These little monsters pop up before the start of the match. If players kill a goblin before it escapes, they earn 100 gold for their account. Killing 50 of these goblins rewards a Treasure Goblin portrait for your profile.

Blizzard won't be removing all of the Diablo 3 promotions from the game, though. D3 players can still earn a portrait border and pennant by hitting level 12 or higher in Heroes of the Storm. If they reach level 70 with a Season character in D3, they'll gain access to Malthael's Phantom mount for HotS. Blizzard says they have "no planned end date" for these rewards.

During "Eternal Conflict," Blizzard introduced two Heroes of the Storm maps inspired by Diablo. "Infernal Shrines" lets players fight for control of shrines that let them summon Punishers with random abilities to assist in battle. In "Battlefield of Eternity," an angel and demon are fighting at the center of the map. Players can help one win the fight to get their aid. These maps fortunately won't be leaving on September 8th.

The three new champions introduced in "Eternal Conflict" are also staying put. The new additions include Kharazim the Monk, The Butcher and Leoric. Considering hero purchases are one of the main ways that Heroes of the Storm makes money, though, it's not too surprising that Blizzard is keeping these characters on sale.

Once the "Eternal Conflict" is over, though, Blizzard is going to focus on adding heroes from other fictional universes to the game. The next characters on the way are Rexxar from Warcraft followed by Artanis and the Medic from Starcraft. Presumably the next Battleground or two will draw inspiration from one of those two universes as well. There hasn't been a single Battleground based on StarCraft yet so it's high time Blizzard adds one.

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