The world of Herokon Online is growing, both in terms of physical size and the adventures taking place within its magical lands as the developers at Silver Style announce the launch of the Thorwal update, adding in a whole new region to explore, a new campaign to discover and several new features that aim to make the game better than ever.

The world of MMORPG’s grows by the day, meaning that, if you want your game to stand out, it needs to be continuously evolving and giving players new reasons to keep coming back for more. And that’s exactly what fans of Herokon Online will discover starting today with the Thorwal update, what Silver Style is referring to as a “major content patch for the Dark Eye MMORPG.”

“The addition of Thorwal grants the heroes of Herokeon Online the opportunity to explore a whole new region of Aventuria,” reads a statement from the developer. “Located in the continent’s chilly northwest, the territory offers many new quests, six new types of enemy, new NPCs and allies, as well as Thorwal-specific weapons and equipment.”

A trio of veteran writers have worked together on the expanding story the online game, crafting a saga that’s supposed to “capture the rugged charm of Thorwal while building on Romer’s background story and continuing the epic of the legendary Blade of Destiny.” Don’t feel too far in the dark if none of that made any sense. It’s meant to get veterans of the game eager to dive into the new content. For newcomers, just know that, if you decide to jump into the game, there’s a whole new chapter of content now waiting for you on the far end of the spectrum, full of new content, enemies and adventures for you to enjoy once you’ve plowed through the rest of the game’s early content.

This new tale takes place nearly 30 years following the defeat of the orcs who were set on taking Thorwal by storm but, in that time, the evil creatures of the land have only grown more devious, ever-intent on claiming the Blade of Destiny from its prison of ice. With it, the monsters of the realm would be unstoppable. That, of course, is where the players come in. It’s your job to protect the lands of Thorwal and, in doing so, hopefully keep the legendary sword out of the clutches of evil.

“Our goal with Herokon Online is to authentically reproduce the world of Aventuria,” said Matthias Freund, one of the authors working on the game. “With the latest expansion, we managed to consistently implement Thorwal in the game. TDE players will recognize and love Thorwal immediately and also meet several familiar characters. The Blade of Destiny campaign deserved a sequel, and I am happy to say we can offer our players a truly extraordinary story with varied quests that will be continuously expanded in the future.”

For more information on Herokon Online or to start playing, visit the game’s official website. Just remember to .

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