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We've had a plethora of new horror-survival games popping up in the indie scene. It's great for PC gamers because there's been so many games out there exploring the psychological terror of hide-and-seek horror, which is the theme of the new game from Instant Gaming. Dark Rain throws players into an open-world sandbox environment where creatures roam the night and finding a good hiding place is key for surviving.

The game is set during 1644 and you wake up in a European countryside looking for signs of life. There are animals a plenty and monster abound, but you're not Gordon Freeman so using your wits to stay alive will be slightly more difficult than in typical first-person games. Check out a brief look at the gameplay below.

Right now the game is still heavy in development so it's a bit difficult to tell exactly how well the game will scale for a long-term experience. Running and hiding from vicious monsters seems interesting if the game takes on a realistic, atmospheric approach, but it would also be cool if you could at least pick up a stick or something and take a swap at whatever is chasing you. Otherwise, standing there like a dofus while monsters try to murder you seems kind of dumb.

Still, if you'd like to see more open-world, sandbox horror games on Steam's store be sure to visit the official Greenlight page and pass an upvote the way of Dark Rain. You can also learn more about the game and keep up to date on the game's design progress by visiting the official Facebook page for Instant Gaming.

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