Humble Indie Bundle 7 is now even more of a bargain. The collection of indie games, available at whatever price you choose, now offers an additional three games to anyone who pays more than the current average price.

The three games added to the bundle are naturally indie games as well. Cave Story+ is a 2D action game inspired by classics like Metroid. Offspring Fling! is a puzzle-platformer in which players take on the role of a forest creature trying to rescue her children. The Basement Collection, meanwhile, is several games in one; it's a collection of small projects designed by Edmund McMillen, creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac.

Humble Indie Bundle 7 offers The Binding of Isaac and its DLC, Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot, and documentary Indie Game: The Movie. Customers who paid more than the average (currently $6.56) unlocked Dungeon Defenders and Legend of Grimrock as well. Digital soundtracks for most of the games are also included.

All of the games in the bundle can be played on PC, Mac and Linux. In many cases, though, this is the first time these games are available on Mac and Linux so there might be some bugs. You can download DRM-free copies of the game directly to your computer or get Steam keys of the titles.

The only catch with Humble Indie Bundles is that they're available for a limited time. Humble Bundle 7 will only be on sale for 4 more days.

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