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Kalypso Media is the focus of the the latest Humble Weekly Bundle. You can pick up six games from the publisher, including Jagged Alliance: Back In Action and Sine Mora, for a song.

Sine Mora is a side-scrolling, 2.5D shooter with an interesting twister. There's no player health bar or instant-death. Instead, players have a finite amount of time and die if they run out. If they take damage, this time will run out quicker. However, killing enemies or grabbing power-ups can add time. The game offers a science fiction campaign and a competitive arcade mode.

In SkyDrift, pilots race each other through canyons and jungles. Along the way, they can grab power-ups and shoot their opponents down. A Speed Race Mode removes the combat and power-ups so players can focus on racing. The Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes do the exact opposite.

Anna is a horror game released last year. The player character is a young man suffering from amnesia. He has dreams of a woman named Anna who is calling out to him. He travels to a home high in the mountains in order to find her. The house is filled with puzzles that he must solve in order to figure out who Anna really is. This is the only game in the bundle available for Mac and Linux; all the others are PC only.

Players can become an island dictator in Tropico 3. They'll build up their tiny nation's infrastructure and issue edicts to guide its development. The game takes place during the Cold War so players will have to negotiate with both the USSR and USA. If they keep them happy, they'll provide aid. If they piss them off, they'll try to sponsor a coup. Players must keep both superpowers appeased while also tending to the demands of the island's various factions. This is

All of these games are yours as long as you pay $1 or more for the bundle. You'll receive codes to unlock each game through Steam. If you pay $6 or more, though, you'll also get access to Tropico 4, which includes new missions and challenges for would-be dictators.

The other bonus game for purchases over $6 is the turn-based strategy Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. This game is a remake of Jagged Alliance 2 with new graphics and a redesigned interface. Players must hire and lead a team of mercenaries in overthrowing the dictator of the fictional country of Arulco.

The Humble Kalypso Bundle will be on sale for five more days. Humble Android Bundle 2 is still available for eleven more days.

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