So, just in case you haven’t got enough of a gaming backlog crammed on your plate, the folks over at Humble Store are here to offer one final course of delectable treats in the form of a very short, very awesome sale on a metric ton of games.

While the Humble Store’s annual Winter Sale was a big success, the contenders for the title of “discounted games king” is back for another round, extending discounts for some of the sale’s most successful titles for a limited time in the Encore Sale, set to run for another 70-odd hours.

Several games will be discounted through the entirety of the promotion with other rotating in and out over the course of the run. Games are marked down by up to 75 percent off and, like always, a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit charities like American Red Cross, Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, World Land Trust and Charity Water.

Also per the norm with the Humble sales, most games come with a Steam code for your selection, run perfectly fine on PC and Mac and even some on Linux. Many are DRM-free to boot.

Basically, just log into the site, choose the games you want, pay some ridiculously low prices, then sit back and enjoy endless hours of gaming in the comfort of knowing that your purchases have gone on to help some pretty great charities. You have until 2 p.m. (ET) on Friday, Jan. 3 to act on the Encore Sale, so you’d better mosey on over to the official site and take a gander at what’s up for grabs.

The current rotating sale is for Europa Universalis IV, marked down to just $9.99 for the next 22 hours, as of this writing. Other standouts include Gone Home for $6.80, which also happened to be Pete's scariest game of 2013, Dust: An Elysian Tail for $3.75, which is an exemplary side-scrolling RPG with beautifully hand-animated characters, Guacamelee! Gold Edition for $3.75 and Rogue Legacy for $4.99. You could also pick up last year’s mega-hit Legend of Grimrock for $3.75, classic Audiosurf for just a buck, or the Red Faction Collection for only $11.99.

There are seven pages worth of discounted games available, so load up the ole’ bank account before making your way over to the virtual shelves, because there’s a lot to load up on here. As a reminder, 10 percent of all purchases goes to charity and, just in case that doesn’t seem like a heck of a lot of money, know that the promotion has already raised around $330,000 for charity and there’s still plenty of time left before the clock hits zero. Every little bit helps, right?

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