Today the Humble THQ Bundle became even larger. The pay-as-much-as-you-want package of titles from THQ has added another game as well as some downloadable content.

If you pay more than the average donation (currently $5.59), you'll now unlock the ancient mythology action RPG Titan Quest as well as the "Path to War" downloadable content for Red Faction: Armageddon. The previous bonus for paying more than average, Saints Row: The Third, is still included as well. If you already bought the bundle, you can find the new additions on your download page.

The Humble THQ Bundle itself includes Company of Heroes (and its two expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor), Darksiders, Metro 2033, and Red Faction: Armageddon. Each game must be downloaded through Steam and is only available for PC. Soundtracks for SR3, Metro, Darksiders and CoH are part of the bundle as well, and can be downloaded in MP3 or FLAC format.

Gamers can choose their price for the bundle. The minimum is $1. Some users have paid more than $1,000. Over 673,000 purchases have been made so far for a total haul of over $3.7 million.

The Humble THQ Bundle will be available for six more days.

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