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While nowhere near as terrifying (for your wallet, at least) as the Steam Winter Sale, the season of Autumn discounts is upon us and, amidst all of the chaos of discounts, bargains and savings, Iceberg Interactive is offering up all of the above across a wide range of its most popular and upcoming games.

As we reported yesterday, the Steam Autumn Sale is here to take all of your money, a little bit at a time. The online distributor of digital goods has become quite famous over the years due to these massive sales, dropping games down to pennies on the dollar and allowing gamers to stock up or dish out dozens of gifts to their besties for a fraction of the usual cost.

The problem with Steam sales is that the prices are often so low that you feel like you absolutely have to pick up (at least) a dozen games every season. Sure, you're probably not going to get around to playing that copy of Knights of the Old Republic or Saints Row The Third anytime soon, but that doesn't exactly factor into your mind when you're being asked to fork over just a couple of dollars for each. Might as well get it just in case, right?

For those of us with zero self control, Iceberg Interactive is cashing in on our inability to reign back on the holiday spending by adding a large library of its own titles to the Steam Autumn Sale. According to a press release from the publisher, the door to their game vault has been thrown wide in order to offer discounts of 25 to 75 percent off of nearly 20 of its titles, including classics like Armada 2526 and even Early Access games like Horizon and Starpoint Gemini 2. And who could forget their most recent hits, StarDrive and Gas Guzzler Extreme?

All of those, and more, are available for a limited time at the following low-low prices. Get ready to game through the holidays!

-StarDrive $9.99
-Gas Guzzler Extreme $12.49
-Dark Matter $7.49
-Starpoint Gemini 2 $17.24
-Horizon $18.74
-Dark Fall: Lost Souls $3.25
-Armada 2526 $3.75
-Adam's Venture Episode 1: The Search for the Lost Garden $1.25
-Adam's Venture Complete Pack $3.25
-Starpoint Gemini $3.49
-Starpoint Gemini Timebreach DLC $0.50
-Adam's Venture Episode 2: Solomon's Secret $1.25
-Adam's Venture Episode 3: Revelations $1.25
-Tiny Troopers $1.25
-Gemini Wars $3.75
-Armada 2526 Gold $4.99
-Nuclear Dawn $3.33

Look for all of those discounts from Iceberg Interactive and way, way more right now on Steam. Just remember to pace yourself, as each day's discounts tend to rotate out at some point, revealing an entirely new crop of games at ridiculous prices you can't help but want to throw your money at.

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