The latest Infinite Crisis character spotlight video from Turbine takes a look at Gaslight Joker, the steampunk incarnation of the popular villain. The Gaslight version of Joker, as it turns out, is an obese butcher with serious hygiene issues.

Gaslight Joker strides into battle wielding a cleaver and a spoiled ham. The Cleaver can deal bonus damage while also healing the Joker. His ham can be throw at enemies to cause them to run away in fear. I guess the other DC villains and heroes in the game are more health-conscious than him. If he's surrounded by enemies, he can use Rat Swarm to damage and slow them.

Joker's biggest asset is his durability. He regenerates health as he collects credits through the map. By eating his ham, he generates a shield that provides bonus resilience and absorbs the next enemy skill directed at him.

This is the third Gaslight character announced for Infinite Crisis. Steampunk versions of Batman and Catwoman will also be playable. The Gaslight edition of each character is different than their "Earth Prime" equivalent in terms of appearance and abilities.

Infinite Crisis, a free-to-play MOBA, is currently in beta. You can apply for the test here.

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