Infinite Crisis will allow players to become Poison Ivy, the biologist-turned-supervillain. A new gameplay video from Turbine shows off the hybrid abilities that she possesses in this MOBA game.

Poison Ivy's abilities all center around her command of nature. She can summon a root that tunnels across the map and then explodes beneath an enemy, knocking them into the air. Her Blow Kiss ability allows her to hit an enemy with a harmful pheromone that causes damage and blinds them.

She's most powerful in supporting her teammates, though. She can encase them in a Thorn Shield that slows incoming enemy attacks. Every sixth spell that she casts will create a green ring underneath her that heals her and her team. Her ultimate, Deadly Flora, will slow and hurt all enemies in a given area while healing and speeding up her allies.

This is apparently the first support character announced for Infinite Crisis. In battle, Poison Ivy will hang back and toss spells to disrupt enemies or strength allies. All the while, tanks like Wonder Woman will draw enemy fire and heavy-hitters like Nightmare Batman will bring the pain.

Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play game in development for PC. The beta will kick off in a few days.

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