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Riot Games is just living it up; they hit the free-to-play jackpot that's about as elusive as the mythical Call of Duty annual sales record that so many publishers chase after like a sparkling, chronically fleeing magical unicorn horn. The company sent out an infographic showcasing how they've not only hit free-to-play jackpot gold, but they're also boasting that they're the world's most played video game thanks to the nifty new inforgraphic.

Gameindustry.biz managed to get their hands on the visual information, which does a nice breakdown of what Riot games has accomplished in the free-to-play space...a space that Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Crytek, Activision and every other big-name publisher are now seeking as if it's the Holy Grail of video game monetization.

I'm not going to go over the stats that are quite blatantly obvious, and clearly visible below, but I will say that it's not surprising Riot hit these numbers given that they focused a lot of their efforts on making a great game and enabling gamers to have fun without holding gameplay features hostage behind a cash shop. As many of you know, most other F2P titles are all about offering up minimum gameplay and keeping the rest of the features at brass-ring length, enabling those who pay through the nose on a regular basis to experience the full game.

You can check out the complete infographic below or visit the Official League of Legends Website to learn more about the game.