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Resistance and Ratchet and Clank developer Insomniac Games is moving into mobile and web gaming. They've created a new division called Insomniac Click that's devoted to this sector of the industry.

"Insomniac Click is an expansion of the company rather than a shift," said Insomniac Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings on the company's website. "With the exception of myself, everyone working in the group has been newly hired specifically for their expertise in this space. All our existing teams are still 100% dedicated to making unforgettable AAA console experiences with our proprietary blend of double rainbows and awesomesauce."

Added Hastings: "Insomniac Click is dedicated to taking the qualities that define our brand – deep worlds, rich stories, accessible gameplay – and applying them to new game experiences that anyone in the world can play."

No details were provided on Click's current game. Hasting says that this information be released in the coming months.