The West Coast always has the appearance of being the better location if you’re into the video game business. The major news outlets are based out there, and a ton of American devs call the Westside home. But we on the East coast know that there are benefits to being the early risers. First of all we’re three hours ahead so while any bosses are arising to a cup of joe, we’ve just woken up at 10:00 refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Also, we have our own slew of top notch developers. And Insomniac is about to open yet another in the Raleigh, NC area.

According to GameDaily, the Cali based studio is about to open an office in North Carolina in January 2009. We’re not sure what specifically the team of around 30 people will work on, but Insomniac president Ted Price assures us that the team will be able to handle current titles as well as a major new franchise. The Burbank team will continue the work on Ratchet & Clank and Resistance titles.

Art director Chad Dezem has been appointed to head up the new studio, while Shaun McCabe will be production director. The studio will simply be known as Insomniac Games.

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