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Okay, so imagine an open interactive world where you can exercise your creative freedom by showing off designs and artwork via fish. Yes...fish. A new social networking sphere has been created called the Blu which is like Second Life but without all the crappy stuff or bad graphics, and it takes place underwater.

So basically, a bunch of Academy Award winning creative artists kind of came together and came up with this idea to create this social networking sphere that works a lot like a free-to-play MMO, except there's no monsters to grind on and no loot to ninja because it's all about the atmospheric experience. It's sort of how ThatGameCompany describes their titles...interactive zen games.

Anyway, regular people can join in on the experience by either creating and contributing their own creations to the persistent world of the Blu or by simply diving in deep and seeing what the world has to offer. There's even a cash shop of sorts available for those who would like to build their very own instanced-ocean aquarium full of exotic and peculiar fish of all kinds.

If you've always wanted to explore the deepest recesses of the ocean and see what sort of foreign, interesting, unique or original fish are there, then the Blu might be a cool place for you to visit. One of the most captivating aspects of the Blu is the screensaver mode, where you can just let your collected fish swim around in a gorgeous ocean environment. It's great stuff if you have a large monitor and a nice surround sound setup.

You can request a beta code right now to try out the underwater experience and see if the aquatic nature of the Blu suits your palate for interactive adventure. To learn more about the Blu, some of the creative chaps involved and just how deep the rabbit hole goes, be sure to pay a kind visit to the Official Website.

Up to 500 of our readers can also access the beta right now by entering the special beta code:gamingblend.