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If you combined parkour titles Vector and Mirror's Edge with the puzzle elements of a Metroidvania game and the neon-grim art-style from games like Blood Dragon, you'll get Anthony Beyer's Interference, a game that combines all of the above into one unique platformer.

The game uses a very dark collection of hues and gloomy set pieces to set the tone of the game, while contrasting the grim, tonal atmosphere with bright hints and flashes of neon splash. The game delivers not just on the artistic front, but mostly with the way it handles the platforming: it's exceptional smooth.

Designer Anthony Beyer definitely puts time into the way the main character is represented on-screen and how players take control of his actions and traverse through the a dangerous, cyberpunk future. The grabbing, moving, falling, climbing and platforming animations look really, really good and the team did an amazing job of making the world and characters feel alive thanks to their dedication in exercising a measure of quality over the presentation of the game's aesthetics.

Stepping back from the mechanics and visuals for a bit, the game itself has a very basic setup... the main protagonist is setup. That's it. Things start with a blackout and as the player character goes to investigate who caused the blackout a police unit descends and proceeds to hunt you down for blood.

From there, the game takes on a fugitive, cat and mouse game with police while focusing the palette of gameplay on stealth, puzzle mechanics and platforming. Mixing and matching the aforementioned elements help bring Interference to life as if it were a nostalgic title from the 32-bit era that has always existed.

Of course, Interference isn't just another hipster indie game looking for upvotes on Steam Greenlight. The game is also seeking crowd-funding to finish development. Usually, games like this are approved for the Steam store if they can finish their crowd-funding campaign.

I don't know if IndieGoGo was the right way to go, but you can pledge some financial support to Beyer's project if you so desire by paying a visit to the IndieGoGo page for Interference.

For everyone else who would like to see this game brought to life on Steam's digital distribution outlet, feel free to show your support by upvoting and favoriting the game on the official Steam Greenlight page.

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