Theory Interactive’s has revealed the debut trailer for their forthcoming co-operative single player title, Reset, and it's nothing short of utterly stunning.

"Everything you see in the trailer is straight from the in-game engine, no up-ressed textures, geometry or effects. What you see is what you will get. Except hopefully a little bit better since we’re not even in alpha yet. This is however a big milestone for us, and we are going to be concentrating more on the gameplay side of things next," said the developer.

Theory Interactive was started by Alpo Oksaharju and Mikko Kallinen, former Futuremark employees who worked on Shattered Horizons. Both of the developers formed Reset's engine entitled Praxis which has culminated into admirable technology, as evidenced by the footage below.

"The trailer is made entirely of in-game material, and I mean all assets, effects, everything, period. Mikko is quite the guru when it comes to tech. We knew that we couldn't achieve the right kind of atmosphere using third party engines. And of course DIY stuff is cheap when working with a bootstrap budget," Oksaharju told Gamasutra.

"The game world has dynamic day and night and weather cycles that create unique moods for every player. Player movement in the game is fully proactive, so one must read the world to understand what has happened and will happen."

Touted as a co-operative single player game, Reset focuses on both puzzle solving and exploration. Regarding a public showing for the intriguing title, Theory Interactive said it'll be ready when it's ready.

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