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So yeah, there appears to be a lot of these Slender-type games roaming around just like the mythical creatures they house within their simple yet horror-inducing gameplay mechanics. The latest game to put players in a dark and lonely place with some sort of apparition hunting you is a game called The Intruder.

Designed by an indie dev (because we should all be well aware by now that big pubs don't care about niche games) and the idea behind the game is that you're trapped in a small open-world environment where something seems to be creeping up on you like a slimy paparazzi stalker on a Hollywood celeb on Rodeo Drive. Check out some of the gameplay in the trailer below.

One thing worth noting is that the physics are fully integrated and can be utilized or manipulated by the player. Weapons vary from household appliances and utensils to guns and knives. The game's core mechanics have supposedly already been implemented but the designer is now looking to implement additional things like voice actors and better AI pathfinding.

As stated on the game's page...
You spend most of the game preparing yourself for that inescapable encounter, while trying to prevent running in to it early. You have several in-game days to explore the surrounding areas, look for weapons, ammunition and tools. You can even barricade your house to buy yourself some more time.

Eating and sleeping is also a part of the game, but I have no idea how well these concepts will play out in the final game.

The whole idea that some creepy thing is trying to invade your home is a perfect way to reenact what life would be like as a celebrity. Maybe one day they'll make an official game called One Day In The Life of Miley Cyrus.

Anyway, The Intruder is still heavy in development by Netherlands developer Mister Royzo. You can check out the official Greenlight Page to learn more about the game and vote it up via Steam Greenlight.

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