This should come as no surprise to everyone who knows Jack Thompson. Personally, I didn’t even want to touch this subject with a 20 foot pole. But you know what? Sometimes reaping good results for someone else comes at the price of doing something you just don’t want to do.

For as much as I care you can stop reading and go straight to Therapy Trainer. In fact, that’s what this article is actually about, helping people heal through video games. This comes from the fascinating article on TheGameReviews that Stew Shearer did about the company that helps those who are desperately looking for some way to reconnect or re-establish consistency within their movements, and at least find solace in an activity that allows them to rekindle the kind of fun they used to have before losing a limb.

Now as some of you already know, Jack Thompson (activist against violence in video games and disbarred Florida state lawyer) recently had a tussle with Blend Games’ Editor Pete Haas. An interesting read to the say the least, and more-than-likely a precursor for Jack’s efforts to milk more limelight for the amendment being passed in Utah. You can check out the article on GoNintendo for the exact details on the amendment.

Nevertheless, we’ve been hearing an awful lot about violence in games; how they ruin society and, just recently, how people are killing people over video games. Well, Lisa Daily and her family are actually using video games for the exact opposite purpose; they’re using video game technology and software to help people heal. Being that this kind of news rarely gets exposed for the benefits it offers to society, there was some calling-out on our part to Jack Thompson about this news (I know, it was a stupid thing to do). Nevertheless, if he was so readily available to talk about Grand Theft Auto, drugs and Nazis, why not promote something within the industry that actually helps people?

Well, as you can imagine it was sort of like a bee stinging a bull. Apparently, positive gaming isn’t on Thompson’s menu. As he quickly replied saying, “So, you had your head amputated, is that what this is about? It's my JOB to promote video games? Good grief, what a stupid thing to write.”

H’m, well…he did promote Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt – some think he may have done so advertently while others think he did so inadvertently. And since no one actually asked him to say anything about Grand Theft Auto, he did help Rockstar promote the game(s). The cause, of course, was to help keep the game out of youths’ hands. Makes sense. So why not help put the right games, helpful games, in the hands of gamers who need it? Well, his response to the query about that subject simply rendered a response along the lines of, “Jesus heals. That's about it.” Further pursuing the matter only ended up being less fruitful, as the entire thing just broke down. The conversation ended only with this response from Thompson, "Screw you, but thanks for writing. Get mental health help."

Yes, if you want to know what the latest, violent video game from Rockstar is, just ask anti-violent activist, Jack Thompson. He seems to know all about that. Want to know where you can get affordable physical therapy using video games? There are only a few places to go for that kind of news, and you won’t find it coming from a man who’s always talking about helping cleaning up culture for the sake of decency.

You can check out TheGameReviews article about the new technology, or visit the Official Therapy Trainer Website for further information about an affordable alternative to physical therapy. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.
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