Jack Thompson is really losing it these days. I don’t even think he cares who he sues anymore; he just does it because he knows it hurts them. He’s like a five-year-old who just figured out that it really hurts when you punch a guy right in the gonads while he's trying to buy an icecream sandwich for his girlfiend.

The latest to be added to Thompson’s Rochambeau fest is respected blog site Kotaku.com. After Thompson appeared on national television to convince the country that video games were to blame for the tragedy at Virginia Tech University, Kotaku editor Brian Crecente issued a rebuttal that pointed out all of the fallacies and holes in his argument. This appears to be what pushed Thompson over the edge (although he wasn't standing very far from the cliff to begin with) and now he is suing them for not removing rude user comments on the story.

One of Thompson’s major complaints comes from comments by users that he “should be shot” (in which we unofficially and ill-advisedly concur...off the record, of couse.) Another more imaginative user states that he should be castrated and then have his “testicles jammed down his throat.” (Editor's Note: We would have said it first, but were too busy bashing on other things, respectively.) Come on Jacky Boy, seriously…it’s the internet for goodness sake. Even I’ve had someone say I should be castrated and killed and I’m not trying to kill gaming. It’s really not that big of a deal, fanboys hate everyone.

There’s a big 36 page list of wrong doings visited on Thompson by Kotaku and the other folks lumped into the suit. It’s a pretty boring read for the most part, but it has its moments:

”Specifically, an internet web site at Kotaku.com, within mere minutes of Thompson’s appearance on the Fox News Channel, posted a call to action by its ‘editor’ Brian Crecente, who is a videogame industry apologists [sic] as to its excesses, its illegalities, and it’s Stalinist tactics.”

I think that sets the record for worst run-on sentence in the history of grammar – not to mention the worst use of "Stalinist tactics" since hackers figured out Bill Gates was trying to take over the world, respectively.

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