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Kalypso Media and BitComposer Games released some new screenshots of their upcoming remake of the classic Jagged Alliance 2 (one of those great games during the Golden Era of gaming). The screenshots feature both pseudo-turn-based and real-time action sequences, giving gamers an idea of how the new game will be played.

In addition to the real-time screenshots, there is also a brief look at the plan-and-go phase, enabling gamers to plan out moves to counter-attack the AI opponents. In the new developer diary, it’s explained that players can pause the game at any time during the action, and plan out strategies and attacks of the mercenaries for on-the-fly tactics.

The mode is very similar to the way games like Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights is played. However, unlike the aforementioned games, in Back in Action players can sequence their tactics on a time-line, allowing the mercs to carry out a series of actions sequentially as opposed to pausing the game to issue new orders per every action.

In addition to this, timeline commands can also be linked together (something that sounds very intriguing), as players can have mercenaries perform actions in tandem. For instance, it’s possible to have one merc kick down a door while another tosses a grenade into a backroom window. It’s also possible to have one merc take out a rear guard while another snipes a guard in a tower; players are allowed to link these actions together for synchronous results like never before.

I’m glad Kalypso and BitComposer have decided to move the series forward in the next logical step as opposed to taking the easy way out and making it a first or third-person run-and-gun shooter like a few other upcoming reboots/remakes/redoes.

You can check out the new screenshots below or pay a visit to the to learn more about Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.