Gamigo took a very different route from other free-to-play game publishers by picking up the extremely well crafted, and gorgeously designed Black Prophecy. The game is a hallmark far cry from other free-to-play titles out there and showcases what the evolution of the free-to-play genre could be. Gamigo, however, isn’t satisfied with simply taking a risk with one big new IP, they’re risking their reputation on a classic franchise known to most old-school gamers as Jagged Alliance and the first new gameplay trailer shows players getting back into the action.

For those of you who don’t know what the fuss and excitement is about regarding Jagged Alliance, simply take note that it was one of the most popular tactical strategy games of the mid-to-late 1990s. It put players in the role of a mysterious contractor whose job was to hire mercenaries to perform specific tasks for the employer. In the first game players had to take back a small island for a father and daughter’s small tree sapping operation. In the second game players were tasked with fighting off an entire military militia under the dictatorship of a one evil queen. The games were practically non-linear, allowing players to travel, hire and equip mercenaries as they seen fit.

The features of Jagged Alliance Online have not been entirely detailed but you can bet your bottom dollar that outfitting mercenaries (or hiring them in) is probably going to have a lot of cash-shop influence as well the kind of mercenaries you hire. You can get a very, very brief glimpse of the gameplay in the new trailer below or head to the Official Website to learn more about the upcoming MMO.

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