Rake In Grass' Jets 'N' Guns has made its way to Steam's Greenlight page. The arcade bullet hell shooter brings classic side-scrolling gameplay to the table and they're looking for some upvotes to potentially make the next batch of games to get the greenlight on November 30th.

Jets 'N' Guns is an old-school style shooter, where gamers are required to exercise lightning fast reflexes and top-of-the-second decision making to blast down opponents and avoid being shot down in the process.

You can check out some of the gameplay from the indie title below to see if it suits your liking.

With 43 high-impact levels, 70 weapons to collect and 20 different ship upgrades to help you overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds, Jets 'N' Guns is one of those games that aims to incorporate a little bit of the new school (graphics and special effects) with a little bit of the old-school (difficulty and gameplay mechanics).

If you like what the game has to offer and you think Steam could do with a few more side-scrolling, bullet-hell arcade shooters, be sure to pay a visit to the Official Greenlight Page.

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