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There are a lot of neat PC programs out there that usually escape the general attention of the gaming public at large. Jumala, from Blade Games World, happens to be one of those neat little titles out there you don't ever hear about but wish you could. It's also one of those interesting titles where you can use the game to create games and it's been updated with brand new content.

The update includes brand new customizable items, where the size, shape color and sound effects can be altered to the player's discretion, along with new in-game rewards that can be used to unlock additional content for the game.

Virl Hill, CEO of Blade Games World commented in the press release, saying...
“With Jumala, we want players of all skill levels to have fun as they imagine, build, and play their own ever-changing 3D games,” ...“While other games may offer an option to design one level or a character, in Jumala the entire experience is created by the player. Our community amazes us by creating homages to their favorite games or movies, vacation-based adventures, worlds ruled by plants, zombie apocalypses, and more. Now, with our first major update since launching our beta program last fall, we’ve enriched the experience so that building a game is even more simple, seamless, and fun.”

You can build the game in any way you see fit, making action platform titles, 3D puzzle adventure games or exploratory large-scale quests. You can scope out a brief trailer of the game in action below.

The basic setup of Jumala enables players to choose from a base template, including stuff like sci-fi settings, jungle setups or alien galaxies and if you want to detail your world with specific props you can buy additional goodies from the cash shop, typical free-to-play stuff, you know?

You can learn more about Jumala by paying a visit to the game's Official Website or join in on the beta for free.

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